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Child benefit The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the EU countries where you can benefit from family allowances and social-security benefits. If you work in the Netherlands and your taxes are paid to the Dutch treasure-house, you have the right to a child benefit from this country, even if your children are in Poland. Kinderbijslag benefit is granted to school children up to 18 years old. You were not aware of the fact that you can get the benefit? Now we can help you receive it even for the last 12 months.
Apart from the child benefit you may also be granted with an addition – kindgebonden budget. We offer to submit an application to the Bank of Social Insurance (SVB) and we provide complex phone and postal services with the social office.
This particular benefit is really profitable. You can receive 1100 euro a year for each child. Additionally, you may be entitled with 1800 euro a year from Kindgebonden budget. The final amount of your benefit depends on many factors: number of children, their age etc.

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